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Q. How to contract our services?
A. The first step is to contact us to tell us your needs, what information you want to know, what problem you want to solve or the purpose of hiring us. Once we understand your needs we will design a detailed technical proposal for you to approve. 

Q. How much do our services cost?
A. The price of our survey research studies depends on several factors: project complexity, geographic coverage, sample size, interview method, target population, number of processes included, etc. Most of our clients hire us for the entire project, and we give them an all-inclusive, fixed price.  You may also hire us for only some of the processes such as project design, data collection or data processing. In all cases, an initial payment is required before we begin to work on your project. 

Q. As a client, how can you keep track of your project’s progress?
A. We like to maintain close communication with our clients from beginning to end. In fact, input from our clients is vital to us. You will be involved in the project design and informed of every milestone during the process; usually, we send weekly reports in advance and communicate by phone with clients when needed. Additionally, a daily or weekly project timeline will be approved at the beginning of the project. We believe that a well-informed client can give us input and contribute to the success of the project.

Q. Are survey research projects customized to a client’s specific needs?
A. Absolutely. Each project is custom-made and tailored to the specific needs and purposes of our client.  

Q. What does Le Vote International really offer its clients?
A. Survey methodology technical expertise, 20+ years of experience in the field, confidentiality and integrity.


Q. Does Le Vote International have expertise in some fields?
A. Yes. We perform quantitative, qualitative and secondary research, but we have special expertise in quantitative opinion projects, especially those focused on the Hispanic population. We also have expertise conducting face-to-face surveys in Latin American countries.

Q. Are research projects tax deductible for clients?
A. Yes. All expenses in Survey Research are tax deductible for your company.


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