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In the US and Latin America

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Le Vote International is a full-service survey research and opinion polling firm, offering data quality and strategic advice to clients in the areas of public opinion and marketing research. Our clients include private companies, public agencies, universities, social researchers, political leaders, NGOs and international development organizations. We have served reputable clients such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, the International Labour Organization (Switzerland), International Transparency, Advance Logistic Group (Spain), the University of Texas, Estudios Energéticos (Uruguay) and Vanderbilt University. What makes our firm unique is its innovation in research design and its  20+ years of experience in Latin America. We are committed to delivering Integrity in all situations, Technical Excellence in all services, Passion for all clients, Innovation in all thinking, Teamwork in all things, and Social Responsibility in all actions.



Hispanic Immigration 

Public Sector and NGOs.

Hispanic immigration has a big impact in the U.S. today. In order to fully understand the real causes and effects of Hispanic immigration to America, we have developed a survey research model based on three components:

-pre-migration research (in their home countries)

-during-transit research

-post-arrival research in the U.S.

Hispanic Customers

Private Sector.

Hispanics have an increasing share in the customer base of many U.S. based businesses. We conduct innovative survey research with your current and potential Hispanic customers in the U.S. and Latin America in order to design a winning strategy that will increase sales for your business. You can benefit from our vast experience in Latin America and our cultural understanding of that market.
Political Polling & Strategy


Political Candidates.

Each year elections are harder to win and predict due to volatile voters. Exceptional and intelligent political polling is now the best weapon to win political races. Our scientific and reliable model to win elections is based on three components: 

- probabilistic opinion polls + qualitative studies

-electoral data analysis

-situation analysis 



Client Involvement
Client participation is vital from beginning to end of projects. Our clients' input helps us better understand their needs, which we implement in the project design.
Customized Projects


All our projects are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. Customization includes design, deliverables, timing, and communication channels.

Quality Research


We focus on robust and ethical survey methodology based on proper design, probability sampling, a quanti-quali approach, mixed-mode data collection, and data quality audit.

Practical Recommendations


The purpose of conducting scientific research is not just to list conclusions but also to provide strategic advice and practical recommendations to our clients. 


We guarantee a premium service for our clients based on constant communication, confidentiality, and integrity throughout the entire project.

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